Hi Thad,


Which version of Mantis are you using?


The error you are getting is due to a string that is not defined in the language files.  In the latest code, this error message shows the name of the string that is not found, but I think in stable versions of Mantis this was not included.  So in order to get the code to output the name of the string, you will need to do the following:


  1. Open core/lang_api.php
  2. Go to lang_get( $p_string ) method.
  3. Find the link which triggers ERROR_LANG_STRING_NOT_FOUND.
  4. Add before this line ( “echo $p_string; exit;” )


Once you fix the problem, revert to the original code.


With regards to the feature, I don’t understand exactly what test names mean.  But I can tell you that we are not planning to include it.  However, we are planning to provide a functionality to dynamically populate a custom field based on a custom function.  This means that you can achieve what you need without modifying mantis tables or mantis code, you only need to implement one function.  For more details about the proposed solution see:


0003791: Additional Custom-Field-Type "version"



At the moment this is not planned for 0.19.0.  If you are keen to get it soon, then you can consider sponsoring the issue.





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I’m needing to customize Mantis for work and I needed to add a field like categories for the purpose of tracking test names. We want a pull down menu and I want to be able to have someone else do all the administration via the Manage Project page just like categories. I took all the code from categories and replicated it to create the test field. I also added the database tables. The problem I have though is that it gives me the following error message APPLICATION WARNING #300: String not found.  I’ve turned on the debug function in php and it does not show any errors. I was wondering if you could give me some insight into where the problem might be. If you wanted to add this as a feature in future versions of Mantis I would be more than willing to let you use the code I’ve already developed.