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I’m after some clarification of the SOAP API and it’s licensing. I’m *assuming* this is just a case of nobody updating the header when it was moved into mantis core. But as it stands, it would appear anyone using the SOAP API within a company and not buying a license would be violating the soap api license:


At the moment, we distribute the SOAP api as default with MantisBT which is GPL licensed


The header files for the SOAP API contain the following text:


# MantisConnect - A webservice interface to Mantis Bug Tracker


# This program is distributed under dual licensing.  These include

# GPL and a commercial licenses.  Victor Boctor reserves the right to

# change the license of future releases.

# See docs/ folder for more details


The http://localhost/api/soap/mantisconnect.php?wsdl output contains links to http://futureware.biz/mantisconnect


This website states:


“There are three levels of license:


·         Professional - This license allows distributing an application with MantisConnect client libraries as part of it. It also allows installation of MantisConnect web service on a single website.

·         Standard - This license allows the use of MantisConnect client libraries and an installation of the web service on a single website. This license doesn't allow distributing MantisConnect outside the licensed company.

·         Free for Open Source - This license allows free usage of MantisConnect client libraries and web service for Mantis instances that ONLY host open source or freeware applications.