Hi Alex,
I'm unclear on just how I should go about "testing" the updated French language files. Is it just a question of upgrading my test database to release 1.1.0a1 and then copying the new files from CVS over what was downloaded?
Or should I perhaps wait for the next release (1.1.0a2 or 1.0.6)?
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From: Alexey Chumakov
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Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2006 6:41 PM
Subject: [Mantisbt-lang] Translations updated. All but one now work,'charset not supported' is fixed. Is Chinese Big5 buggy?

Hi guys,
I've tested and technically cleaned up almost all the translations.
The following changes are in cvs now:
- all utf-8 translations are marked as '..._utf8' (I think it makes sense to have them separate until Mantis is fully utf-8)
- annoying 'WARNING: 8859-2... charset not supported' bug fully fixed (9 languages affected)
Please feel free to test 'em.
Attention: I've tried to test Chinese Traditional translation in Big5 encoding, but couldn't make it work in both IE6 and Opera9.
Recode tests state that its encoding may be wrong.
Chinese-speaking guys: please try it and report me! If so, we can re-generate Big5 from Utf8.
Alexey Chumakov

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