Following Victor’s commit of the timeline API, I’ve pushed two follow-up fix to my previous commit to the code base following the change to standardise on if( as per coding standards


a)      My previous pass on the code base looked for “if ( “ – so missed some cases of “if (X”)

b)      Victor’s commit of the timeline API re-introduced code using the wrong if style – I’ve just fixed these as it would generate more spam creating 6 issues and related pull requests to track each violation.


I’ve just generated a Pull Request (210) following the timeline commit to reduce the length of the index string for better compatibility with non-mysql databases. This is at I’ve deliberately not pushed this directly so we can get ensure we pick a sensible name for going forwards.


I plan to generate a commit shortly that implements an initial pass of phpdoc on the timeline code (I plan to just commit this to avoid creating an issue to track each function’s phpdoc, and as victor can then easily enhance the comments as appropriate)


In terms of the feature, whilst I still think there’s some work to do on it, how do you disable it? Or is that currently impossible in its current form?


One thing I would say about merging this – github does not generate a notification on a commit message to an existing pull request. It would be good if in future we could add a new comment after a commit to a PR, so it’s possible to track that the status has changed of the PR.