My take on this would be that Mantis is currently distributed under the GPL license ( ), therefore the Logo is distributed under the GPL. Therefore, as long as your use of the logo (and/or Mantis) is compatible that’s fine ;)


This would include allowing you to modify the logo (as the GPL allows modifications provided you publish the source code to the modifications?)


Having said the above, I’m not sure how that then works with copyright? J


However, as an aside, given we give the ability to brand mantis e.g. the config settings below, would you not prefer to use your own company image/logo on the bug tracker to represent your company?



* Logo

* @global string $g_logo_image


$g_logo_image = 'images/mantis_logo.png';



* Logo URL link

* @global string $g_logo_url


$g_logo_url = '%default_home_page%';





From: Neural Engine Corp. []
Sent: 07 May 2014 20:35
Subject: [mantisbt-help] Use of logo/imagery



This is a question that I asked on one of the forums:

I was advised to ask on the mailing list as well.

My company's website has a URL that our clients can go to and log into Mantis in order to log/track bugs.

On our homepage, is it permitted (from a legality point of view) to put a Mantis icon that users can click on in order to access this URL more easily?

Could I use this image for that purpose:

Thank you.