Mantis Users,
This is the third Mantis maintenance release to Mantis 1.0.0 release.  The main focus of this release is to fix installation and MS SQL Server issues.  It also includes one security fix.


- 0007037: [security] Port: Login with disabled account possible (vboctor)

- 0007034: [bugtracker] Port: bug in string_sanitize_url() (vboctor)

- 0007028: [db mssql] Port: "Prune Accounts" function doesn't work with MS SQL (vboctor)

- 0007029: [db mssql] Port: MS SQL Error on View Filters Page (vboctor)

- 0007030: [db mssql] Port: installtion fails - administrator have no rights on db (vboctor)

- 0007032: [db mssql] Port: Error on opening Change Log (vboctor)

- 0007039: [db mssql] Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference in \core\adodb\ on line 2931 (vboctor)

- 0007035: [feature] Port: Global Profiles list not sorted (vboctor)

- 0007038: [filters] Port: SYSTEM WARNING: Argument 1 to array_multisort() is expected to be an array or a sort flag (vboctor)

- 0007031: [installation] Port: is_writable never success in install.php (vboctor)

- 0007041: [installation] Port: newbie admins may be redirected to blank page (vboctor)

- 0007033: [printing] Port: wrong strpos function call (vboctor)

- 0007027: [upgrade] Port: fixed_in_version is renamed to Fixed_in_version during database migration (vboctor)



Mantis Team