I'm having a problem making Mantis work.
I'm working on Windows 2000.
I have installed MySQL 3.23.43 for Windows on the same computer.
I have installed Apache 1.3.20 for Windows.
I have installed PHP 4.1.1 for Windows.
All of this is installed on the same computer.
MySQL seems to be working fine. So does Apache w. PHP support. I could run a hello.pgp page with the phpinfo(); command.
Then i wanted to setup Mantris.
First i unzipped the zip file to <apache>\htdocs\ and renamed the mantris0.17.0 folder to mantris.
Then i followed the instructions in the INSTALL file. I choose plain text as the password encryption since i am only installing the program on my local computer for testing.
The db_generate.sql script executed okay, and throug MySQL I can see that all the mantis tables was created in the bugtracker database.
Next, i create the config_inc.php using the config_inc1.php file. I didn't change anything, because my settings are the same.
Then i opened my browser, ran the admin_check.php.
This is the result:
You are using PHP version 4.1.1
Opening connection to database on host [localhost] with username [root] GOOD
Selecting database [bugtracker] GOOD
Checking to see if your $g_absolute_path variable has a trailing / GOOD
Checking to see if function crypt() exists GOOD
Checking to see if function getmxrr() exists GOOD
Checking to see if function checkdnsrr() exists GOOD
Checking to see if function wordwrap() exists GOOD
Checking to see if function str_pad() exists GOOD
Checking to see if function is_uploaded_file() exists GOOD
register_globals should be set to On or 1 GOOD
magic_quotes_gpc 1
gpc_order GPC
variables_order EGPCS
short_open_tag 1

Next I open the index.php page. In the Username field i write 'administrator' and in the password field i write 'root'. When i click Login, i get this error:

ERROR: your account may be disabled or the username/password you entered is incorrect


What is wrong here? According to the INSTALL file, the default user is administrator with root as the password.

I am not that experience with MySQL, Apache og PHP, so maybe i'm making some novice mistakes.

Looking forward to your replies.