Check the permissions on that Directory - it must be 777 i think !!!
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Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 7:11 PM
Subject: [Mantisbt-help] File upload doesn't work (version 0.17.3)

I am having trouble with the file upload for mantis 0.17.3. quite simply, if i try to upload any file when i am reporting a bug, i get a "directory doesn't exist" error. this happens no matter the size of the file.
in the project settings i have set the file upload path to :/var/www/html/mantis/files/ (i have tried both with and without the colon).
as far as i know this is the file path that i used in the previous version (0.17.0, which was set up by my system administrator).

has anyone figured out what the problem could be?

also, from the "docs" page, i can add a file but when i try to download it i only get an editable version of the login page.
any help would be appreciated...