On 2/10/05 7:07 AM, "Chirayu Bhatt" <chirayu@vigorsoft.com> wrote:

i need to select multiple project from the project dropdown menu at right top.
menu is made multiple, but now what i should do that is get only those bugs of how many projects i selected.

  This is a non-trivial change. Most pages key off of a single value listed in the project menu.

  What specific pages are you looking to show multiple projects in? View Issues page?

   ... Glenn
Hi Glenn,
Thanks for reply.
yes, u r right , i want list of the bugs for how many projects i select from the drop-down menu. i ve made that array on page 'core/html_api.php' at the function 'html_login_info( )' and m getting array at set_project.php page. but bug list is not populated for all selected projects.

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