NOTE: This email is NOT related to the email about choosing a Wiki for Mantis Manual.


Hi all,


I’ve been lately working on a prototype of an integration of a Wiki engine into Mantis.  The idea is to have a Wiki that is associated with a Mantis installation, this Wiki has a namespace for each project, and a page per issue.  The Wikis can integrate other pages that are not referenced directly by Mantis (e.g. an issue page may have sub-pages, or there may be some shared pages).


In order to get feedback, I’ve made this feature available on our official bugtracker.


Following are two examples:


Note that an issue Wiki page can be reached from the view page of the issue by clicking on the “Wiki” link which is next to the “Send Reminder” link.


#7075 and its Wiki page provide some details about the vision I have in mind, I am planning to detail it further, but this should provide a fair idea of what I have in mind.