MantaRay MQ port to MONO/.NET

  • Ulysses Wong

    Ulysses Wong - 2005-09-27

    Have anyone think it is visible to port this great product to Mono/.NET ? I did try but it MantaRay is huge.

    • Amir Shevat

      Amir Shevat - 2005-09-27

      Coridan is currently developing a .NET MantaRay solution. We currently have two versions; one  version is an alpha version of a .NET wrapper similar to the C++ wrapper that is available right now, the other is a full fledged .NET  implementation of MantaRay which is now in development.

      For more information you can contact at

      Amir Shevat
      MantaRay team leader

    • Ulysses Wong

      Ulysses Wong - 2005-09-29

      That's Great!. Can I help in some way? I have ported some classes like core, kernel and some other classes. Currently,  my objective is to get the AutoDiscoveryPlugin run.


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