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Understanding configuration and connections

  • chris

    chris - 2006-10-06

    I've read through the mantaray documentation that is available and I still have some outstanding questions (most likely easy ones).

    If I have a server, and that server has an instance of mantaray running in one jvm, and I create another instance of the jvm that runs some code that wants to interact with mantaray (send and receive messages), how do I go about doing this?

    All the examples involve creating an instance of mantaray and running the code in the same jvm and I can't seem to find a way to use the MantaConnectionFactory to specify what I want to establish a connection to (there is an overridden createconnection that takes 2 strings as arguments, but I can't find an api for the mantaray java classes anywhere?!?!? - no javadoc?).

    From the way it looks to me, a messaging client can only connect to distribute messages through mantaray if they are both runnnig in the same jvm, is that in fact true?

    Much obliged for any help. Thanks! (oh, I'm using the java version).

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I also would like this information, as well as now to specify a URL for the mantaray server so it can run on multiple machines


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