Craig Harpel - 2006-10-04

I'm trying to run the TopicChat sample of the Manta C++ API on Linux (Ubuntu), but when I run, I get:

Can't find JNIEventsListener classterminate called after throwing an instance of 'Throwable*'

I know this is addressed in the FAQ, but I *think* I have done everything suggested in the FAQ with the same result.  Both Manta and the C++ API compile/build fine.  I did find that to run, I had to add more libs to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH than the ones indicated in the installation notes.  My directory structure looks like this:

-- config
-- contrib
-- ext
-- logs
-- NativeJMS
      -- BlocksClasses
      -- Common
      -- Java
      -- JMSClasses
      -- JNIEventsSync
      -- samples
-- persistent
-- ra
-- samples
-- src

And my environment variables are:

Any help would be appreciated.