#214 simpleAPI producer send messages not received

API (2)

Calling simpleAPI producer's send message will not be
received by matching consumer if previous instance of
consumer process was killed.

Steps to reproduce:
1. use "talk sample" and run "RunSample1.bat"
2. use "talk sample" and run "RunSample2.bat" on
same machine (using latest CVS checkout from
3. kill java process for runsample2 (don't just press ctrl-c
to get goodbye message)
4. restart RunSample2.bat
5. type messages into runsample1 instance and
messages will not get through to runsample2 instance

Note: If you replace step 3 with a ctrl-C then everything
works in step 5.

In my use, I have a producer in process A and a
consumer in process B. I noticed that if consumer B
process's shutdown hook is run and the consumer is
closed, then restarting consumer B works fine.
If, however, I kill consumer B process then restart has
the above problem. One example of the shutdown hook
not being called is when the debugger stops the process
or when "ant run" is stopped by ctrl-c.

thanks much,


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