#16 Multiple input media with identical filenames causes problem


Version 2.0.20

I tried to run a number of CDs through Manifest Maker, copying the input files to an output directory on a hard drive (with no size limit)

A couple of the CDs have an autorun.inf file - probably not an unreasonable thing. I also noticed that there were other files with names duplicated across disks

The first CD ran through in a manner I would have expected.

However, when I tried to process another CD, things started to go strange. After the 'copying' dialog disappeared, I hit 'next', but to the next step it did not. I noticed that the console had a message to the effect of "ERRNO 13: cannot copy file autorun.inf - something about privileges". The files copied to the output media all were 'Read-only' (which is what I expected of a file copied from read-only media).

What I suspect is happening, is that, for the second media, it tried to overwrite the file with the duplicate name. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

What might have to happen, is when you have multiple input media, is for the contents of each medium to be copied to a unique folder under the 'records' folder...

/records/input media 1/
/records/input media 2/

I think that would be a far better thing than prompting the user for a new name for the subsequent file.


  • Allan Cunliffe

    Allan Cunliffe - 2010-08-18

    I tried to reproduce this one by adding more media which contained the same files as the first media but made them all read only.

    1. Enter start number and click Next
    2. Select Base Directory (total size under 5 KB) and click next.
    3. Check Prepare digital objects for media checkbox.
    4. Select CD and click Next.
    5. Select the Output Directory and click Next.
    6. Select Continue with new media and click Next.
    7. Select a Base Directory (I selected another under 5KB) and click Next.
    8. Repeat Steps 6 to 7.

    Result: Each set of files added is added under its own Media directory.

    It looks like having the same file name forces Manifest Maker to start putting the next lot of files in a new media directory.

  • Allan Cunliffe

    Allan Cunliffe - 2010-08-20

    Testing in Testing Branch 2.0.23. Fedora 13.

    I tried to reproduce the reported error using the same set of discs. I got to disc 7 of 7 OK. However, on adding Disc 7, Manifest Maker failed silently (I was stuck at entering the Base Directory step) and I got the following error in the console:

    [(27402244, u'queensland.mpg', 165L), (10379268, u'premierfull.mpg', 162L), (9893782, u'qld.exe', 163L), (3274427, u'dr.exe', 160L), (323584, u'Xtras/DirectMediaXtra.x32', 159L), (270336, u'Xtras/Mui Dialog.x32', 159L), (15802, u'qld.ini', 164L), (60, u'lingo.ini', 161L), (23, u'AUTORUN.INF', 158L)]
    copying file queensland.mpg to media 3. Size is 27402244
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/home/al/workspace/manifestmaker/src/manifest/ManifestMakerFrame.py", line 1148, in OnNext
    File "/home/al/workspace/manifestmaker/src/manifest/ManifestMakerFrame.py", line 1002, in Process
    if self.writer.writeAndCopy() == False:
    File "/home/al/workspace/manifestmaker/src/manifest/ManifestWriter.py", line 187, in writeAndCopy
    shutil.copy2(fullFilePath, destPath)
    File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/shutil.py", line 99, in copy2
    copyfile(src, dst)
    File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/shutil.py", line 54, in copyfile
    copyfileobj(fsrc, fdst)
    File "/usr/lib64/python2.6/shutil.py", line 27, in copyfileobj
    buf = fsrc.read(length)
    IOError: [Errno 5] Input/output error

  • Allan Cunliffe

    Allan Cunliffe - 2010-08-23

    It may be a problem with Disc 7. I tried running only Disc 7 through Manifest Maker - sometimes it failed (with a read error - in the same way as described in my comment of the 20/8) and other times it passed.

    I have run all discs through another Linux machine without any problems, apart from Manifest Maker creating a new Media folder when it encounters files of the same name (see my comment of the 18/08).

  • Allan Cunliffe

    Allan Cunliffe - 2010-08-31

    Tested in Manifest Maker v2.0.26 - Fedora 13

    For multiple media with files of the same name are copied to an output directory:

    * the output directory contains Media folders with sub-folder of Records and sub-sub-folders indicating the source media - "source1" to "sourcen"
    * the manifest file lists path to the file based on the Records folder as the root folder. For example: "source1/tiffs/tiff-text/back cover.tif".

    Manifest Maker now creates a new Media folder only when the specified media arrangement size is reached.

    I ran the manifest through DPR - QF just to make sure the manifest file format is still compatible.

  • Allan Cunliffe

    Allan Cunliffe - 2010-08-31
    • assigned_to: matthewoliver --> acunliffe
    • status: open --> closed

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