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  • sychris

    sychris - 2011-01-06

    So i got the source dled opentk and tryed to build it but im getting a ".\ManicDigger20100728143234src\obj\x64\Debug\ManicDigger.exe' does not contain a static 'Main' method suitable for an entry point    ManicDigger" error so my first guess was that i'm building in the wrong order so i dig around a little and the only main i find is in the start project however i cant set this as the first to build as it depends on ManicDigger. 

    a little about my system
    -core duo 2ghz ea.
    -4gig ram
    -ati rad hd 2600
    -running vista x64
    -visual studio express 2010 (converted the source to 2010 with no errors)
    -ran the oainst.exe(this does not seam to have the opentk in it btw)
    -downloaded opentk from was an error installing the renderer it seams to need visual studio 2008 ill deal with that when the time comes and im not getting compile errors regarding so it might not be needed
    -reopened and tryed to rebuild the solution(no go get the error above)

    ill keep fiddling with it to see if i can get it to build but im a bit of a noob at c# and i know im not doing this is the optimal enviroment (vs2008 in this case) but i cant downgrade (do to other projects going on at this time) so any imput would be greatly helpfull.

  • exe

    exe - 2011-01-07 is old version, current is

    "ManicDigger" project should be a .dll. Try changing project type to library. Game is in "GameModeFortress" project.


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