Fun facts

  • TehZ

    TehZ - 2010-11-09

    Manic digger is heavily inspired by Minecraft.
    Minecraft is made in Java.
    Manic digger is made in C#.
    C# is heavily inspired by Java.
    Sun, who made Java, also made the OS Solaris (which is a unix)
    Microsoft, who made C#, also made the OS Dos which is heavily inspired by unix.
    See the pattern?

  • Dr Octapu

    Dr Octapu - 2010-11-13

    So basically what you're saying is that there should only be one version of everything, ever, and that nothing should be improved or rebuilt.

  • TehZ

    TehZ - 2010-11-13

    No, I was just commenting a fun fact. Manic Digger is heavily inspired by Minecraft on three levels.

  • Zhdophanti

    Zhdophanti - 2010-12-01

    Well actually its no improvment, we will see, if there is any improvment it would be nice :D. At least the minecarts seem to work better than in minecraft :)

  • TehZ

    TehZ - 2010-12-01

    Maybe minecarts work better, but do you have PvP? PvE? Redstone? Monsters? Computers built inside the game? The list goes on…

  • Zhdophanti

    Zhdophanti - 2010-12-25

    That answer was a mistake! Now i can put up the "hey, it's in development!!!"-Defense Shield :D

    But you're right i think his project would be cool if it just weren't a mere "copy" of minecraft just with better graphics. So i think let him work and lets see what comes out in the end. This guy has a much harder job than notch .. cause notch had fans motivating him, here i see mostly haters.

  • TehZ

    TehZ - 2010-12-26

    Unfortunately, true. Basically, it needs something unique. It can also be argued that manic digger doesn't have better graphics, since it is mixed style, which usually doesn't work. (retro: blocks, normal: textures) If it had GOOD modding support (with modding-specific libraries) and was on the jvm, it would clearly use it over minecraft ('till minecraft gets modding (probably in a month (i hope))).


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