Workflow with image and fractal resolution ?

  • Camille Bissuel

    Camille Bissuel - 2014-03-17

    and first, thanks you for this very inspiring program ;)

    I'm used to work with 3D software (Blender, etc.) but I'm new to the fractal world, and experimenting with Mandelbulber theses days.

    Something bother me since the beginning, and I can't solve the issue on my own (your manual disappeared, or it became the website ?) :
    I try to render a picture in 8K resolution (8192x8192), but I can't wait 5 hours or more to test my rendering...

    So I suppose the workflow is something like that :
    I create a picture in a very low resolution like 800x800 pixels, keeping rendering time under 2 or 3 minutes to be able to tweak it easily.
    When I'm happy, I upgrade the resolution to something like 2048x2048 to check on details...
    and finally, launch the final rendering to 8K, and the computer will work the whole night.

    But, when I do that, parts of my fractals present in the very low resolution disappear progressively (small part on 2048x2048, big parts on 8192x8192)...
    an example file settings :
    (longs pikes get shorter increasing image resolution)

    I have read here that I'm supposed to increase fractal resolution when increasing image resolution...

    but how to increase fractal resolution ???
    I can't find the right setting... and testing each button on big resolution take forever... !

    Many thanks in advance !

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  • CCV

    CCV - 2015-07-25

    Thanks for the tip, Camille. I actually read it here first and wasn't aware of that setting previously.

    I figured it's divide Detail Level by the same number size of Image is multiplied, to get the same general appearance.
    Sometimes using a different setting is good for effect tho, I find


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