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  • hawknm7

    hawknm7 - 2010-07-08

    Thanks for the link to the user manual. Much nicer. I guess that I should have looked at the bottom of the list of download files.

  • Jukka Korhonen

    Jukka Korhonen - 2010-07-11


    This program is made of pure awesomeness. I lost a full night's sleep tinkering with the 3D fractals, hehe.

    Here are some ideas that came to mind while rendering and editing:

    Can you add a "Start" and "End" value to it? Those values could work (as an example, maybe) on a scale from 0-100 and give the fog an alternative depth control? Also a opacity control would be sweet.

    Can you add "bucket" rendering style (ie. image builds up from from small 32px x 32px blocks, starting from center and working it's way to the edges of the image)? This suggestion has nothing to do with efficiency or speed, it just makes the rendering process look more interesting (and subliminally, faster), hehe. : )

    I have a few calculation ideas for post-process effects, I made a few GPU shaders for Virtualdub that are used in videos, and some of those would give nice salt n pepper to fractals as well - hit me a note if you're interested. ^^

    Cheers and thx sooooo much for this program.

    Now I'm gonna go and get some cola and spend another night rendering … laters.

  • Russell Glenn

    Russell Glenn - 2010-08-16

    @buddhi1980: Your program's default rendering of the 'quaternion lathe fractal' is gorgeous. The formula is interesting in that one can interpolate between quaternions and the 2D real-number M-set formula to get a pure 3D (no W axis) formula, and also extrapolate to n dimensions. Here are some renderings of this object using the 3D formula in POVRay:

  • Michael Kortvelyesy

    Once again, just want to say many thanks for this wonderful program.
    It's really weird and interesting to get various views of the different 3D
    Still getting the hang of using it, thanks for the examples and the user

    How closely does the web manual and the PDF version match up?
    It seems the online manual has some extra information ?

    many thanks.

  • Sam Kent

    Sam Kent - 2011-11-20

    Hi Buddhi,

    Thanks for the interesting program. Great work. My primary interest is in making equirectangular projections for environment maps in another program.

    I am running the 64 bit osx version and have had a couple of issues in certain situations.  Random colour pallate from jpeg seems to trigger a crash. If i can recreate, where is the best place to post my Crash Report?

    Anyhere here is a link to a few bits and pieces for your amusement, some with issues that i have since resolved. Most are just a mesh sphere (mirror material) and an environment map. http://www.mediafire.com/?0c5c0bqjdj9uy.

    Thanks again!  I am following development with interest



    P.S. is there a way to abort a DE value search.  Occasionally i have to quit the program as this is extremely protracted on some hybrids that i probably should'nt be trying to render anyway!

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