Install issue on Mac Pro

  • Benjamin von Cramon

    I appear to be locked out of Terminal when opening the install to mandelbulber-mac-1.09, no response to keystrokes (OSX 10.6.8). I thought I read somewhere that I'm to use my administrator password, didn't not which post that was, but is that correct? If three tries has me locked out from the install, how can I reset to try again, and what shall I try next? I'm anxious to delve into this great app, thanks for any advice.


  • Anonymous - 2012-02-15

    Hello, other solution for mac, use the last windows version (32 bit) with a wineskin wrapper. Because mac version of Mandelbulber is not good, installing with terminal, not a .app application, last mac version is 1.09…
    I made a wrapper for Mandelbulber today, work on my mac (Lion 10.7.3) !

  • Benjamin von Cramon

    Thanks. In the meanwhile I've been working within Mandelbulb 3D opened via Wine, still trying to figure out where Wineskin comes in, having issues with changing directories once established, getting access violation error code. That said, I'm just rendering to the first place I chose, now every thing is running very stable. I've been reading about differences between Mandelbulb 3D and Mandelbulber, noobs like me are obviously looking for a quickstart into establishing a lay of the land, such an odd land it is. I read that Mandelbubler, with its volumetric lighting, do value such visual cues, more precise navigation, once you get used to moving around without the speedy navigator training wheels, is actually preferred my many experts. I'm still learning to walk. As a film maker, I also value control over camera language, but maybe once I get on my feet in one, I'll explore the other. Thanks for your help!


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