Command Line Render Engine?

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    Atom - 2012-09-17

    Hi All,

    I am just wondering if Mandelbulber can be used as a command line render engine?

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    Atom - 2012-09-17

    I guess the readme in the source code says yes!

    command-line mode:

      -nogui            - start program without GUI
      -lowmem           - low memory usage mode
      -flight           - render flight animation
      -keyframe         - render keyframe animation
      -start N          - start renderig from frame number N
      -end N            - rendering will end on frame number N
      -o key=value      - override item 'key' from settings file with new value 'value'
      -res WIDTHxHEIGHT - override image resolution
      -fpk N            - override frames per key parameter
      -format FORMAT    - image output format
         jpg - JPEG format
         png - PNG format
         png16 - 16-bit PNG format
         png16alpha - 16-bit PNG with alpha channel format
         - file with fractal settings (program also tries
    to find file in ./mandelbulber/settings directory)
    When settings_file is put as command argument then program will start in noGUI mode

  • Atom

    Atom - 2012-09-19

    So I am playing around with the various command line options but none of them seem to actually trigger a render. How do I tell Mandelbulber to use my passed options and render a file?


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