bat file issues

  • tomot10

    tomot10 - 2011-02-16

    I have edited by install.bat file in include the following:

    xcopy .mandelbulber "%USERPROFILE%\.mandelbulber\" /e
    xcopy *.dll  "%USERPROFILE%\.mandelbulber\" /e
    xcopy *.txt  "%USERPROFILE%\.mandelbulber\" /e

    xcopy mandelbulber.exe  "%USERPROFILE%\.mandelbulber\" /e

  • tomot10

    tomot10 - 2011-02-16

    sorry the last line should also have been bold…….(the typing window here is laughably small)

    I add the additional lines so that the main program mundelbulber.exe will now start from .mandelbulber
    I was looking for a way to have the install bat file also create an Icon on the windows 7 desktop. but I have not
    found if this is possible. So one still has to create ones own shortcut.

    Someone else at this forum was talking about this subject was right, the DOT  "." is not used in Windows 7.
    Its interesting that the install bat file will create a .mandelbulber  folder
    once you rename the folder mandelbulber, you wont be able to add the DOT again.

    mandelbulber.exe is looking for a .mandelbulber  folder in order for the program to run.
    to avoid all of this would it not be better if mandelbulber.exe could simply look for a mandelbulber folder ?


  • Krzysztof Marczak

    I'm Linux user, sow I have no experience in making installers for windows. But I know that Documents and Settings is not proper directory for storing any executable and dll files.
    My idea was to copy only necessary files to proper locations (to documents and settings) and start the program from unpacked directory without installing executables.
    If you want to improve this bat file you should make copying executable files and dll to c:\program files and add creating of shortcut in Start menu.

    About DOT. On Linux and all "normal" Windows systems there is no problem with DOT in directory name. Just only Win7 has this problem (stupid thing). I will try to change (in next release) the name of this folder for the version of the Mandelbulber. It will be "mandelbulber" without any dots. I used DOT as a prefix because on Linux it is standard convention for naming folders for settings (these folders are hidden).

  • tomot10

    tomot10 - 2011-02-18

    I also have Ubuntu installed on a removable HDD, and I run Windows XP a window, using Virtual Box. But not all window programs run well in virtual mode, hence I use Windows 7 most of the time.

    Actually I used to install most of my Windows programs to another partition on my HDD, such as D: I have some programs
    that work just fine without any install. and they work fine from any
    other HDD on my system.

    Since your program does not use the Windows Registry, its
    quite possible to have your program run from any directory
    the user might want to chose. But you have to change your
    mandelbulber.exe. because at the moment its looking for
    all the files, where the bat file placed them.


  • Michael Kortvelyesy

    Just a couple of minor points, this may not be applicable generally … YMMV.

    I don't think XP has a problem with "DOT" directories, but I am not sure about win 7, it may have it's own
    peculiarities, so the decision to go from a "DOT" directory to a vanilla directory makes sense, but for users
    with the previous version installed, winding up with two locations was a bit confusing to me. I don't know for sure how you'd write it as a batchfile, but what I wound up doing was copying everything from
    %USERPROFILE%\.mandelbulber into the new directory, then erasing the old .mandelbulber tree.
    This saved my existing images, and some parameter files I'd saved, but I suppose it's not the most elegant

    I just wanted to have all my settings in ONE location, and it seemed to me that the directory WITHOUT a dot was
    the location suitable for a windows system. Although, I might humbly suggest you don't put executables in there
    and keep DLLs with the program location, either in \Program Files\mandelbulber  or whereever you put "non-standard"

    Also, it may make sense to use %APPDATA%\mandelbulber rather than %USERPROFILE%\mandelbulber
    but that's up to the person who writes the INSTALL file. I appreciate that there are subtle differences between
    BATCH files and linux install files, so I'm not complaining, it's just a suggestion.
    I'm actually just grateful that someone made the program available,
    thanks very much.

  • Krzysztof Marczak

    @mihaly, the newest versions of mandelbulber don't use "DOT" directories. But I stlll don't understand why dot in directory names makes some troubles on Win7. Some things in Win7 (and Vista) become more similar to Linux, but some are still weird. Please notice that Windows version of Mandelbulber is only a port of Linux application. That's why some directory structures are not typical for Windows.
    Next thing is that the program for few months is equipped with Windows installer. Please check the newest version.


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