Navigating in 3d

  • tomot10

    tomot10 - 2011-02-16

    I come at this subject from an architectural perspective. Many programs such as MAX, Cinema 4D,  Vue 9, SketchUp, AutoCad, to name just a few I have used in the past, all start with Windowing an object in standard orientations based on Orthographic projections. Plan, Right side, Left Side, & Isometric views.
    After which the user has the additional options to create additional views, by using an orbiting tool.

    Cameras are capable of following paths on predefined bezier curves, or the Object is free to rotate about its centrum or any other point the user places in the scene.

    I find your implementation related to "learning to flying an airplane" terminology, very difficult to grasp.

    When I look at the default View tab is see the following:

    x:0, y:0, z:0
    yaw:-20, pitch:30, roll:0

    If I reset these values to:

    x:0, y:0, z:0
    yaw:0, pitch:0, roll:0

    It appears I have a Front Elevation, in Architectural terms:

    What values do I now use in these 6 boxes
    to get comparable Right, Left, Top, Bottom elevation values?


  • Krzysztof Marczak

    Right: yaw = 90, pitch = 0
    Left: yaw = -90, pitch = 0
    Top: yaw = 0, pitch = 90
    Bottom: yaw = 0, pitch = -90


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