#1 g_thread not supported


I got the following error:
Detected CPU with 2 cores
Memory allocated
g_thread NOT supported

The problem vanished after commenting out the else-statement in Render3D.cpp:
if (!g_thread_supported())
gdk_threads_init(); // Called to initialize internal mutex "gdk_threads_mutex".
printf("g_thread supported\n");
/* else
printf("g_thread NOT supported\n");
return 1;
After recompiling it worked just fine with both cores.


  • Krzysztof Marczak

    This suggestion will be included in next release.
    Error during initialisation could also means that g_thread is already initialised. After error there will be only warning message.

  • Krzysztof Marczak

    • status: open --> pending
  • Krzysztof Marczak

    • status: pending --> closed
  • asd asdd

    asd asdd - 2016-01-02

    your just making it hard on yourself by adding error checking. if a program fails the owner just resets the pc. theres absolutely no point in interupting the program if your code flow doesnt actually add a new feature or allow save dump of the image to occur before critical error.

    im running a quad core overclocked pc YEARS past this issue and it still says that multithreaded is not supported. nop dead code.

    Last edit: asd asdd 2016-01-02

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