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MAD 1.7 Revision 5 !

Fixed the 'manifest' bug
added 3 useless feature for the irc bot
!calc (+-/*)

For Vista/Seven users, the program needs to be started one time with elevated rights for registers the OCX and shits (don't forget to register the ocx also if you don't have it)

Posted by Steven K 2011-08-13

MAD 1.7 Revision 4 !

Whole IRC client changed, added alot of control feature via IRC (More stable, some bug fixed)
Added also an option for launch MAD at startup.
Enjoy guys ;)

Posted by Steven K 2011-04-25

MAD 1.7 Revision 3 !

Again a minor update for the Malware Monitoring Center: the MAD update page is now generated with a random name and for the admin control panel: user have the choice to enter a custom name.

Posted by Steven K 2011-02-14

MAD 1.7 Revision 2 !

The update concern just the PHP Malware Monitoring Center
added a captcha to the admin page, against brute force attack.

Posted by Steven K 2011-02-14

Update your MAD !

I've found a code bug inside the part 'new malware found' who make the program dont send infos to the Malware monitoring center event if the feature is enabled.. i dont know why i've not see this before.. i'm blind
anyway it's fixed so download the latest version 1.7.1
a version without the uFMOD lib was also released due to some compatibility problem with russian computers and API...

Posted by Steven K 2011-02-14