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The new version is out :]
HUGGGEE speed optimizations :]
New scan dirs option
Add/remove dirs to watchlist
Force update

Posted by l4m3rx 2011-01-29

rc1 it out.

malmon 0.1rc1 is now avaible.
What's new?
1. Warn_only mode
2. Change process priority
3. Autoupdate while running (every X hours)

Posted by l4m3rx 2011-01-22

Frist beta release

First beta release (v0.1b) is now avaible and fully usable.
* monitor multiple directories
* exclude file supporting reg.expr.
* new/own md5sum & hex sig. db
* file size limit (check only files smaller then...)
* blacklist (resticted filenames)
* daemon/normal mode.

Posted by l4m3rx 2011-01-21