So, could we move production to tomcat7? 

2014-03-11 0:04 GMT+01:00 Cristian Bogdan <>:
News: tomcat 7 works, there are no leaks even if static fields are not nullified by tomcat
on webapp stop as tomcat 6 does.

The latest jar, as usual:

On 2014-03-10 18:33, Cristian Bogdan wrote:
> Makumba is now leak-free on webapp stop/reload/redeploy. On webapp stop/undeploy, all
> makumba classes and instances disappear nicely from memory. This should have an impact at
> least in development (e.g. in Parade).

The situation is a bit more fun:

Since some years ago, the first makumba webapp that runs in a tomcat will install a
MakumbaJspFactory for the whole tomcat (this is needed for makumba functions to know what
is the current page, etc). All other webapps (even non-makumba ones) will use that
factory. If the first makumba webapp is stopped, and there is at least one other webapp
that used JSP, the stop will leak memory, and the other webapps will not work (they will
show a NPE immediately after the stop of the first webapp).

However this should be no problem in parade, since the parade webapp is that first makumba
webapp and is never stopped.

Single makumba webapp reload works, so this is no problem in e.g. eclipse development either.

A correct solution is probably to load MakumbaJspFactory statically, i.e. place it in
tomcat's lib/ directory, in a little jar, and make sure it is not present in
makumba-core.jar... Issues:
- this doesn't seem to be urgent since single-webapp tomcats and parade are not affected
- the maven trickery needed to pack the small jar (and make makumba-core depend on it for
compilation!) is beyond what I currently want to learn...
- even if tomcat 7 works, in the spec, setting the default factory should not be allowed
for anything else than tomcat/JSP engine. Maybe they'll implement that one day :)



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