This sure is a great ideia! 

Personally, I tend to recur to StackOverflow for insight on the programming questions I come up with. Good to see that, now, Makumba is also represented there :).

Hopefully I'll post some more questions there soon enough.



On 10 March 2011 12:09, Filip Kis <filip.kis@gmail.com> wrote:
# http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/makumba

Hi mak enthusiasts!

--------- Short version - if you know and use StackOverflow.com

We've created a makumba tag and would like to promote the usage of it:


Most makumba gurus are subscribed to it so they will see your question
and respond promptly.

--------- Longer version - if you're not familiar with StackOverflow.com

In the last few days we've considered how can we improve the support
for makumba related programing questions. There are some problems that
new developers come across over and over again (maybe it's the problem
of makumba design, or bad documentation) and usually we solve them in
a live meeting or over the chat, but it doesn't get documented and the
next generation has to do it over again.

So how can we improve that? How do developers in other technologies
deal with this? Well since few years back most common approach is to
Google for it and usually one of the links having the solution comes
from this cool site called StackOverflow. There you have a big
community that helps each other by providing answer to development
related question. It also works on a peer-review base where you are
voting for the relevance and quality of answers and thus best answers
get better promoted and easier to found (compared to other sources of
information - documentation, forums, mailing lists etc.).

Thus we would like to promote the usage of this site inside ITC and
makumba community.

Whenever you have a question on how to do something in makumba and you
can't find that information in the documentation, feel free to post a
question at StackOverflow and tag it with makumba tag. Most makumba
gurus are subscribed to the tag and they will see your question and
respond promptly. You can see the tag and all related questions (at
the moment only one - but hope it will change soon):


In general it's a good common practice to search for solutions to
development problems there (so non only mak, but Java, JSP or even
HTML, CSS, etc.).

Hope to see you there :-)

Filip on behalf of makumba developers