#15 Long dependency chains fail to resolve

Jeff Smith

I have what I thought was a simple task for makepp. When I write PDF documents, I like to run them through a series of validation checks for things like spelling, word-count analysis, grammar rules and a few other things. The final result is a PDF. Here's the Makefile I'm using, but I've stripped it down to the bare essentials to illustrate the problem:

makepp_no_builtin = 1

%.text: %.txt
cp $< $@

%.tex: %.text
cp $< $@

%.dvi %.aux: %.tex
cp $< $(<:%.tex=%.aux)
cp $(<:%.tex=%.aux) $@

%.ps: %.dvi
cp $< $@

%.pdf: %.ps
cp $< $@


The problem is that if I create a simple text file called dummy.txt, I can generate .text, .tex, .dvi and .aux files just fine. (Such as: makepp dummy.dvi) But if I try to create a .ps or .pdf, makepp tells me that it has no rule to make my file.

So I'm confused. How come it can chain the necessary rules to get from .txt to .dvi, but it can't go the extra step to .ps or .pdf? Working on the hypothesis that there was some conflicting rule in the built-in rules, I've even tried disabling them (as you can see) but that has no effect.

Clearly I'm missing something subtle about how the rules work, but what?


BTW, I'm using makepp 1.40 on Ubuntu Dapper with perl 5.8.7


  • Daniel Pfeiffer

    Daniel Pfeiffer - 2007-06-30

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    This is fixed with Makefile.pm and FileInfo_makepp.pm as of 2007-06-16.

  • Daniel Pfeiffer

    Daniel Pfeiffer - 2007-06-30
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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