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Version 2.3.0 Released.

Windows versions are now built using Visual Studio 2008 ( requiring the installation of VC runtimes ), and releases are built using NSIS ( ) instead of Inno Setup.

Oracle BerkeleyDB version 4.6.21 has been used for this build, along with openldap 2.4.7 ( linux/solaris ) and mozilla ldap 6.0 ( windows ). Linux/solaris builds also use stlport version 5.1.5 ( ).

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2008-04-04

Version 2.2.3 released

Problems with duplication of email headers in some environments have been rectified.

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2007-07-01

Version 2.2.2 Released.

This is a bugfix release, fixing a problem with duplication of email headers in some installations.

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2007-06-26

Version 2.2.0 released

Release Name: 2.2

This release is a major bugfix release, and can now also fully integrate into an existing LDAP and Active Directory repository.
Windows users, install the .exe installer. If your policies forbid downloading this, then try the and unzip before installing. If you've got a version listed for your OS, then try installing that one. Alternatively, select either the ldao/no-lap .bin installer which should run on most linux releases. CentOS 4.4 and 5 are clones of RHEL 4.4 and 5, so select those if that's what you're running. As a final attempt, try installing from the tarball/source zip. This should now install on most linux versions.... read more

Posted by Nick Bolton 2007-04-30

Version 2.1.9 Released

Anonymiser now only uses the first 800 lines of an email, rather than the complete mail.

If MWS is set to discard emails sent to accounts to which no email account exists, they are automatically anonymized and forwarded for inclusion to the FA! database. Sendmail users ( at least! ) may need to reconfigure to allow the server to accept them in the first place.

Linux executables ( .bin installer ) are now statically linked against libstdc++.a... read more

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2006-11-19

Version 2.1.7 release

Our first stable release. We hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2006-10-04

2.1.3 Release

Incorporating the bugfixes of the unreleased 2.1.2 version, with new features - basic LDAP and Active Directory support.

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2006-07-10

2.1.0 Release

This is a bugfix release, and has addressed a number of inconsistencies in the database locking strategy. The threading algorithm has been revisited, leading to significant improvements in performance.

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2006-01-10

rpms now available

Please treat these files as alpha releases. We have rested on RedHat 9, Fedora 1-4, Mandriva, CentOS 4.1 and suse 9.2.

We would be grateful for any feedback on the forums at

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2005-10-13

2.0.6 released

I have added open solaris to the list of supported operating systems. Please treat this as an alpha version, as only cursory testing has been performed, and it is the first version to be released after compilation with gcc 3.4.3, rather than 3.3.6.

We'd be grateful for any feedback at

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2005-08-29

Release 2.0.3 Available

Improvements in the Microsoft exchange conduit will lead to a more reliable service. Enhanced the quarantined email handling to enable the automatic addition of the email addresses of recovered mail to the personal whitelist.
Also standardised across all *nix platforms to use gcc 3.3.5, Berkeley db 4.3.27 patch 3 and stlport 4.6.2.

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2005-03-11

Release 2.0.2 now available

Improved reporting and quarantined mail handling facilities in this release. You are also now forbidden to remove the administrator account :)

The windows installer supports Exchange 2000 and 2003 on windows server 2000 / 2003. SBS is as yet untested.

The linux generic installer should work on most distributions, although there are specific builds for Fedora Core 3, RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0, and Debian testing. There are also specific installers for Solaris 8 and 9. All of these versions work in conjunction with Sendmail 8.12 and higher, and Qmail.... read more

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2005-02-18

Windows Installer released

The first version of the windows installer package is now available. Primarily tested under Windows 2003/Exchange 2003, this will also work with Windows 2000 server and Exchange 2000.

Don't forget to install the conduit!

Posted by Steve Holdoway 2005-02-02

Firetrust Limited Launches Open Source Antispam Project

CHRISTCHURCH NEW ZEALAND, January 31, 2005 Firetrust Limited, provider of award-winning anti-spam and email security solutions, today announced the availability of MailWasher Server as an open source software project. Available for worldwide download from, MailWasher Server Open Source represents a new generation in antispam technology. MailWasher Server Open Source is an highly-effective email antispam solution for small to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises and offers a polished, well-integrated web interface and built-in quarantine management facility. Built for and optimized to run on Linux, Solaris and Windows servers, the application adopts a multi-layered approach to identifying and quarantining spam messages before unwanted or malicious emails ever enter an organizations network. The result is an antispam solution on a par with all currently available applications, however without the high cost of ownership of proprietary systems.
Designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness of email, MailWasher Server benefits an entire organization by reducing the burden on IT administrators, giving employees better control, increasing worker productivity, and most importantly, cutting costs.
We recognize most antispam technology originates from open source projects, and believe in contributing to the knowledge with tools we have developed, helps stop the spam plague and enhances the email experience for everyone, said Nick Bolton, CEO of Firetrust. A key benefit to MailWasher Server Open Source is that the collaboration created from the open source development community will make antispam solutions better, more stable, highly scalable and developed faster to benefit all users.
Commercial open source applications will dramatically change the antispam application market. When you build a commercial grade antispam application utilizing the combined ideas and resources from developers across the globe, you simply develop a better, more revolutionary product than any one proprietary software can build on its own, says Nick Bolton. We believe our open source business model is far more efficient than the classic approach to building proprietary antispam software. Our customers have full access to our source code, our bug lists, and our feature roadmap and can even contribute to the code themselves. This is how great products are developed today and I have no doubt will be well into the future, says Nick Bolton.
MailWasher Server Open Source is released under both the General Public License (GPL) and a variation of the Mozilla Public License 1.1 (Firetrust Public License FPL) to enable developers to have a high degree of freedom but preserve compatibility and inter-operability.... read more

Posted by DebsA 2005-01-30

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