I would like to run MailManager on debian.


So far, I have following installed:


Postgres 7.4.7


“3rd party 2 1 rc 7” stuff

Psycopgda 1.1.18-1 – but I also copied one from the windows ZopeInstance/Products folder, so I think I do actually have a newer version installed on the instance.  I could not find source for revision 1.1.21 of this, the latest I found was 1.1.20.  I find this odd because the MailManager readme says 1.1.21 is required.  Will the 1.99 or 2. versions work?

MailManager 2.1 (downloaded from source forge)


Well, I get the database setup properly, I can get all the way to creating the instance in ZMI. But when I try to log into the MailManager, I get an error:

Site Error

An error was encountered while publishing this resource.

Error Type: ProgrammingError
Error Value: ERROR: column "position" does not exist SELECT * FROM mm.mm_nav_tabs ORDER BY position



So this is essentially on a fresh install.  Does anybody know what the problem is?  Is postgres too old?  Can I just go into the DB and add this column, or will I be on the trail of a bunch of similar problems?