Hello all,


I made an attempt to upgrade to 2.1 this evening and had to roll back to 2.0.9.


My current installation is MM 2.0.9 with the PostgreSQL 8.0.6 back end running on Linux kernel 2.6.15 with Python 2.4.


I followed the backup instructions on the Logicalware website and dumped the database to a file.  I then ran the ‘convertdb.py’ with the 2.1 distribution of MailManager on the dump which created a ‘UTF-8’ version of the dump. 


Lastly, I tried to restore the new file and it failed with the error: pg_restore: [archiver] unrecognized file format '0'


I attempted this with PSQL versions 8.0.6 as well as 8.2.4, neither worked or could recognize the file after the conversion script was run.


At this point I’m stuck – I need to upgrade but cannot.  Any ideas?





SJ.Stanaitis – Network Administrator

Decorative Product Source, Inc.