#1 Pluggable filter scripts

Kevin Gill

I know that this is mentioned in the TODO...

I want to filter incoming messages, and give them a
deparment. I use departments rather than people for
handling different classes of messages.

I would also like to set the status at this point. I
get some emails which I keep for logging purposes for a
short time, i.e. a couple of weeks, e.g. I get emails
from clickatell to tell me the balance.

Finally, I would edit the email subject line or some
other information which is displayed on the open
tickets list.

I would like a hook here, i.e. a callout to script
which is passed the email (in whatever form) and will
return a status, a department and a modified subject
line and even a modified message body.

In the long term (years) perhaps I could hook a
bayesian filter here which could catch my 'problem
logging in people', and other straight forward issues.

Finally, it would be useful if this script was
triggered before the step to send and automatic
response, so in theory the classification could be used
to at a later stage to select different acknowledgement


  • Andrew Veitch

    Andrew Veitch - 2003-08-01

    Logged In: YES

    I've been thinking about this suggestion. I really do like the idea of
    having the ability to 'drop in' python scripts or other products that
    would filter mail. Ideally allowing the use of third party virus and
    spam filters too. With the users I've met spam filtering has been
    something that's been mentioned a lot.

    I don't fully understand what a department is. Is it a group of
    people? Or is it more like a category.

    I like the idea of users being able to define what fields are are
    shown on the main Tickets screen.

    Customised auto replies are definately worth pursuing. Right Now
    technologies are doing a lot of work here in the commercial world.
    We'll do a bit more research and see what's the best of going with

    I think most of this is going to have to wait till after 1.0, but we'll

  • James Henderson

    James Henderson - 2003-12-12
    • summary: Incoming Messages --> Pluggable filter scripts

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