EnglishMark - 2006-04-18


I've installed this application before and all seemed to be well, but on a new machine I followed the same path and yet I cannot get MailManager to start up.

In fact the issue arises earlier:-

After installing Postgre, and then MailManager via the 32bit windows installer, you are instructed to "add in a Zope Scheduler object via the ZMI in order to schedule mail retrieval". Done that no problem.

Then: "add an entry to the scheduler to call MailManager at regular intervals, in order to retrieve mail. The path setting should be the location of the MailManager instance, relative to the ZoDB root." and in the example it shows the path being "/mail" - however trying to do this results in "/mail path not found".

I'm a bit confused as to what a "ZoDB root" is, and I'm assuming it is this area where I am going wrong?

Note: The Windows installer instructions I am referring to are here: http://www.logicalware.org/win32install/installguide-2.0.html

Also note, the most recent "MailManager" that includes a Windows installer is v2.0 and the version of Postgre I am using is v8.0.7