Disk Usage does not work

  • Keith Bawden

    Keith Bawden - 2005-08-17


    I have been using MM1.1.1 for around three months now and it is excllent :-)

    I'm currently testing MM2 on another box and have found that disk usage does not work. I read n the changelog that there was an issue with disk usage returning an error if there were no tickets.

    I have 22 test tickets in there so this would not be the case. Unless of course disk usage only shws the size of a ZODB, which would not help with a pqsql back end..

    Here is the error message thrown:
    Site Error

    An error was encountered while publishing this resource.

    Error Type: TypeError
    Error Value: int() argument must be a string or a number

    Regards, Bawdo2001

    • Kevin Campbell

      Kevin Campbell - 2005-08-17

      Hi there,

      I believe the disk usage problems you are experiencing are due to the existance of NULL values in either the body or html_body fields of certain messages in the database. The following SQL query should identify if this is the problem

      SELECT id FROM <schema.>mm_message WHERE body IS NULL or html_body IS NULL;

      If any rows are returned, this is likely the issue. There should be a fix for this in one of the later releases. What version are you currently running?

      Kevin Campbell
      Software Engineer
      Logical Progression Ltd
      GPG Key: F480EC23

    • Keith Bawden

      Keith Bawden - 2005-08-17


      Thanks for the quick reply.

      I will run the query against the DB later on (I'm off to bed) and let you know the results.

      I'm running the latest version downloaded two days ago from sourceforge. MailManager-2.0.tar.gz

      Regards, Keith

    • Keith Bawden

      Keith Bawden - 2005-08-18


      I ran the query mentioned above and zero rows were returned.

      Is there any other information I can provide that will help identify teh cause of this?

      Regards, Bawdo2001


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