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  • s_sbaiz

    s_sbaiz - 2005-09-28

    I tried to have mail forwarded to my mailmanager account directly from Qmail:
    - I changed in MMMailIn-Qmail.py the path of my mailmanager instance.
    - I put a copy of MMMailIn-Qmail.py on my mail-server.
    - I set a .qmail file in my mailbox in order to forward incoming mails to MMMailIn-Qmail.py.

    As a result, my mailmanager account doesn't receive mails.

    I found that MMMailIn-Qmail.py calls a zope path with a wrong account:
    - http://zope_instance/account/domain.com-address_40domain.com/process

    instead of:
    - http://zope_instance/account/address%40domain.com/process

    I think 'account_id' variable content is not the real RECIPIENT address.

    I'm not sure if Qmail stores in the RECIPIENT environment variable the real recipient address or a rewritten address interpretation.

    In any case, how can I update MMMailIn-Qmail.py script?


    • Kevin Campbell

      Kevin Campbell - 2005-09-28


      You might find it is easier to simply using MMMailIn.py in this case. I get the impression the MMMailIn-Qmail.py script is designed to run from elsewhere in Qmail, although I haven't touched Qmail in some years so I can't really say offhand. The MMMailIn.py script will allow you to specify the account name by hand. There really isn't any difference between these two scripts other than that.


    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2005-09-28

      MMMailIn-Qmail.py was something we used internally at one point. MMMailIn.py works fine with Qmail so there's no need for a special version.

      I think we should remove it from the MailManager.


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