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  • P.Simonis

    P.Simonis - 2005-11-17

    Hello !
    We recently tried to install MailManager 2.0.3 with the windows installer and postgres support.
    Everything went rather smoothly following your instructions except for the fact that we never got to see any tickets.The zope logfile says:
    2005-11-17T13:40:01 ERROR(200) ZopeScheduler Process task error
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\ZopeScheduler\", line 236, in process_timer
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\", line 507, in process_task
        return self.getMail()
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\", line 512, in getMail
        rets = [self.account(email=accountname)[0].getMail()
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\", line 253, in getMail
        ret = self._getPOP3()
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\", line 282, in _getPOP3
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\", line 94, in process
        self.addMessageToTicket(ticket_id, msg)
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\", line 656, in addMessageToTicket
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Zope\lib\python\Shared\DC\ZRDB\", line 454, in __call__
        else: result=DB__.query(query, self.max_rows_)
      File "C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\Products\ZPsycopgDA\", line 228, in query
        raise err
    ProgrammingError: ERROR:  could not find tsearch config by locale

    INSERT INTO mm_message (id, ticket_id, message_id, from_name,
                                             from_email, subject,

    Please advise,
    Thanks in advance,
    Panagiotis Simonis

    • P.Simonis

      P.Simonis - 2005-11-21

      had a problem with the encoding there.
      Fixed :)


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