Never get any tickets...

  • David Klein

    David Klein - 2004-06-21


    I've installed MailManager on a Windows XP machine.

    I've added an account in Settings/Accounts/Add new Account

    I've choosen Routing #2 (since I don't understand what means th Routing #1) and added the login/password and the name of my mail server account.

    Then, to test, I've sent a message to that account from an Hotmail account.

    It seems MailManager never go to check the messages in my Inbox, since I never see any tickets coming in...

    Any idea of what I made wrong ? (tested with POP and/or IMAP, same results)

    Thanks !

    • James Henderson

      James Henderson - 2004-06-23

      Hi David,

      Sorry for the delay in responding, I don't check this forum very often.

      Could you try checking the mail manually by adding "getMail" to the URL of your MailManager instance in your browser and visiting that page.  In other words, browse to a URL something like this:

      If you still have not got any mail could you then add
      "?noreturn=y" to the URL you last tried, e.g.

      This will return any error message recieved while checking for mail.  If you get such an error message could you post it back here for me to look at.

      If calling getMail did succeed in picking up mail then there may be some problem with the automatic collection mechanism and you'll need to look at the log file to diagnose it.  If you used the Windows installer the log file will be at:

      C:\Program Files\MailManager\Instance\log\event.log

      Could you look in this file for any lines containing the word "MailManager" and send them to me to look at.  (We already  have a feature request open to make this logging information accessible through the web!)

      I hope this helps.


      • Danno

        Danno - 2006-08-07

        I have a similar issue - the error I get is:

        test_mailmanager: error_proto: -ERR invalid user name or password.

    • Arturo Aguirre Samperio


      I have a similar issue, I been using MailManager for tthe last 2 weeks. The last weekend I stopped receivig mails, I checked my mail and had a lot of mails but mailmanager didn't check messages in my inbox, I followed all the suggestions and in my event.log file had this lines.

      2005-08-10T13:20:01 INFO(0) TimerService Ttimer tick at Wed Aug 10 13:20:01 2005

      2005-08-10T13:20:01 INFO(0) ZopeScheduler Process timer tick at 2005/08/10 13:20:01.234 GMT-5

      2005-08-10T13:20:01 INFO(0) Process task calling <MailManager instance at 0188E5C0> at 2005/08/10 13:20:00 GMT-5
      2005-08-10T13:20:09 INFO(0) MailManager: Fetching 107 message(s) from mailmanager POP3 server.
      2005-08-10T13:20:57 ERROR(200) ZopeScheduler Process task error
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\ZopeScheduler\", line 236, in process_timer
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\", line 424, in process_task
          return self.getMail()
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\", line 429, in getMail
          rets = [self.account(email=accountname)[0].getMail()
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\", line 238, in getMail
          ret = self._getPOP3()
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\", line 267, in _getPOP3
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\Extensions\", line 85, in process
          self.addMessageToTicket(ticket_id, msg)
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\MailManager\", line 533, in addMessageToTicket
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Zope\lib\python\Shared\DC\ZRDB\", line 454, in __call__
          else: result=DB__.query(query, self.max_rows_)
        File "C:\Archivos de programa\MailManager\Instance\Products\ZPsycopgDA\", line 228, in query
          raise err
      OperationalError: could not send data to server: No buffer space available (0x00002747/10055)

      2005-08-10T13:30:01 INFO(0) TimerService Ttimer tick at Wed Aug 10 13:30:01 2005

      2005-08-10T13:30:01 INFO(0) ZopeScheduler Process timer tick at 2005/08/10 13:30:01.125 GMT-5

      2005-08-10T13:30:01 INFO(0) Process task calling <MailManager instance at 0188E5C0> at 2005/08/10 13:30:00 GMT-5

      Could you help me,please.



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