Data.fs - Are you packing?

Kevin Gill
  • Kevin Gill

    Kevin Gill - 2003-11-10

    I have noticed (or rather my ISP noticed) that since I started running mailmanager, the size of my Data.fs file grows enormously.

    However, the file seems to compress fine, leading me to conclude that the space is taken up with transaction history and undo records, rather than the stored data.

    My test environment, in which I evaluated mail manager had a Data.fs of 830 megs. After I packed it, it was back down to 40megs.

    What are you guys doing about this. Do you run cron jobs to pack the database?

    • James Henderson

      James Henderson - 2003-11-11

      This hasn't been an issue for us but running a cron job to pack the database sounds like the right thing to do.

    • Kevin Gill

      Kevin Gill - 2003-11-12

      I set up an Xron job to pack. That should be the end of that.


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