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  • ferspers

    ferspers - 2005-08-26

    Hi, I have set up an account so that a group of users can share its incoming tickets but... I thought sharing tickets meant that any of the group members could deal with a ticket and that that action would be reflected (updated) on the rest of the users' tickets list (i.e. a given ticket  is auto assigned to both users A and B and is then dealt with and *closed* by user A. Shouldn't it in turn too appear *closed* for user B?) . Thanks!

    • Kevin Campbell

      Kevin Campbell - 2005-08-26

      Hi there,

      The group assignment in MailManager is design such that it assigns each ticket to a single user in the group. Assignment of tickets is done in a round robin fashion. It is one of the design principles of MailManager that tickets are always assigned to one, and only one user. This is to ensure there is always accountability for who is responsible for a ticket. WIth the forthcoming MailManager 2.1 release, it may be possible to add in group notifications for whenever tickets are closed, which may be of benefit?

      Tracking and recording what group a ticket was assigned to and making that available to display tickets by assigned group would require some considerable redesign of the MailManager database schema and code. I don't think that's likely at this time, but if you want to raise it as an RFE on sourceforge, it will be considered for the next design iteration.


      Kevin Campbell
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      Logicalware Ltd
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    • ferspers

      ferspers - 2005-08-26

      WOW Kevin, that a was FAST reply!! (just enough time to have a coffee :-)
      Understood, I can always have MailManager first assign everything to one user who will in turn sort of delegate it to somebody else then. That is no problem for us. My next question is, am I wrong or the system makes it possible to any user (no matter if he/she doesn't own the ticket) to reassign/close/reopen it?). Also, is there a possibility of having the mail fetcher to delete "catched" mails from the remote POP mailbox? Thanks again, from Buenos Aires.


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