upgrade 0.96 -> 1.0

  • Michael Gsandtner

    Our existing 0.96 database cannot be used with 1.0.
    Is there any way or plan to upgrade an existing
    0.96 database to 1.0 ?

    We have 3000 Tickets in the old system, which we have to keep.

    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2003-11-05

      What we said on the 0.96 release was:

      "MailManager 0.96 is released today. This will be the final evaluation version. We will provide migration scripts and support for future versions. Please wait for the next version before deploying MailManager."

      We will meet today to discuss how much work it is to do a migration script. Unfortunately we did make some quite major changes between the versions. I'll get back to you again later today.

    • Michael Gsandtner

      Our mistake, we did not recognize that 0.96 is an evaluation version.
      Our life with Mail requests is so much easier since
      we use MailManager the last two months.
      Moreover your support is really great: each bug report or feature request etc. I sent was commented.
      We are happy that you are willing to discuss about a migration script. We hope, that it is important enough for you, that you will write one. You would avoid many problems for us.

    • James Henderson

      James Henderson - 2003-11-05

      We have decided that we will write a migration tool.

      With the resources available to us we will probably have to release to you something relatively untested and ask you to do the testing for us.  I trust that is acceptable.

    • Michael Gsandtner

      Very acceptable!
      Great, many thanks.

    • James Henderson

      James Henderson - 2003-11-10

      For the benefit of any lurkers who also want this functionality: it has been added and is available in the current CVS version.

      To upgrade click on the "migrate" tab in the MailManager's management screen.

    • Kevin Gill

      Kevin Gill - 2003-11-12

      I gave this a whirl and it seems works fine on my data.

    • James Henderson

      James Henderson - 2003-11-12

      I'm glad that others are finding this helpful.  Please, however, note the bug reports in the new category of "migration", from which you see that the migration tool is incomplete in a few respects.  The fixes for these will be included in the next CVS commit.

      So far we have found no problems that can't be fixed manually through the ZMI (they relate to the catalogue and users' roles) but this still makes the point that until it is fully tested migration should not be attempted on any vital data unless they are backed up in some way.

    • Michael Gsandtner

      I exported our production database, and we verified correct migration
      intensive (many tickets, messages, attachments, subtickets).
      I did not detect any problem other than the two already reported (the missing catalog metadata and the not migrated user roles)


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