Cant receive email..

  • AM

    AM - 2004-02-26

    RH 7.3
    zope 2.7
    python 2.3.3
    mailmanager beta 4

    everything works fine except receiving email.. i never get any email..

    my email settings look something like:

    password: *****

    I send emails to that account but mailmanager does not pick them up.
    i have to use for username because its a virtual host.
    might it be that mailmanager or zope cant handle as a username for and email ?
    I have tried monitoring to see im zope tries to connect to the mailserver but it doesnt even try..
    i am checking zopedir/log event.log and i see no errors or anything.. ?

    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2004-02-26

      An @ sign in the username should be fine.

      Try visiting http://yourserver:8080/mailmanager/getMail this should force MailManager to do a check. If mail is collected ok you will get a blank screen, if there's an error it will display an error message.

    • AM

      AM - 2004-02-27

      when i run getMail it does get the mail ok.. the problem is that it only gets it if i run getMail... is there something i need to do to schedule the getMail function?

      i guess i could schedule a cron to do this but.. is there another way?

      • Andrew Veitch

        Andrew Veitch - 2004-02-27

        Well that's narrowed down at least.

        The original versions of MailManager required you to setup a cron job to call getMail but there is now threading in the product. This seems to be broken.

        One thought are you using the RedHat system Python or one you compiled yourself? I have seen reports of issues with RedHat's Python.


        • AM

          AM - 2004-02-27

          yes i compile python myself.. :)

    • AM

      AM - 2004-02-27

      oh.. duh.. thanks for the help.. i found out that reading the readme.txt helps.. AGAIN..


      where can i find


    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2004-03-01

      You would do something like:


      in BASH before running Zope - but I don't think that's what you want to do - this is how to switch off the mail checking!

      Could you post the details from your event.log (probably in the log directory) it would be interesting to see what MailManager reports as it starts up.


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