[performance issue] unable to log-on

David Kuo
  • David Kuo

    David Kuo - 2003-12-18

    Dear James (whom was kindly to help from my thread)

    First want to say sorry for the last post which shown up as bunch of numeric characters as result of writting email on Linux Chinese environment..

    So the original question was to know if the speed of loggin on to zope / mailmanager is much slower (or almost impossible to log on) relative to loggin on to external website such as yahoo is A RESULT of hardware issue or system setting? [This is from the server side where I have the component installed]

    Currently I got mail manager running on old machin, and below is the spec
    1. CPU: PIII
    2. REM: 128 X 2
    3. HD: 2 G

    I have notice the "loading bar in browser" is running almost to completion after 5 or 10 minutes, but was regardless unable to see the main page while Yahoo is running like a fast train! Moreover same scenario occurs when I am log-in on from remote computer

    Please let me know the direction, or simply should get a PIIII with all the gadget fancy hardward...

    Looking for Hope Dave

    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2003-12-19

      Do you have difficulty logging into Zope generally or just logging into MailManager?

      MailManager might take a few seconds to log on the first time. Afterwards it's faster because the page templates are cached. There is something wrong if it's taking 5 minutes.

      The machine you have should be fine unless you have very large numbers of tickets or users.

    • David Kuo

      David Kuo - 2003-12-23

      Dear all,

      Hi! With the above hardware spec, I have experienced slow performance after 3-5 minutes of 1st session when user log onto Mail Manager.

      Currently I am configurating remotely by also switching the mail manager linux server into text mode (not sure if it will save some resource usage on both CPU and memory), after smoothly configurating "add new user" for the first 3 minutes, roughly the 4th minutes the same or other system configuration setup request such as group creation will take "forever" to load up the new page.

      I have also attempted to use other remote client to log-on on the same plateform, and the session performance is also low.

      I am trying to troubleshoot this issue, and would like to understand possible reasons for this particular scenario.

      At the same time, I will try to get faster performance PC to conduct the test run. Anyone would kindly provide the hardware spec that you are running mail manager on?



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