SJ27 - 2007-06-01

I tried to upgrade to 2.1 last week and it failed.

My current installation is MM 2.0.9 with the PostgreSQL 8.0.6 back end running on Linux kernel 2.6.15 with Python 2.4.

I followed the backup instructions on the Logicalware website and dumped the database to a file.  I then ran the ‘’ with the 2.1 distribution of MailManager on the dump which created a ‘UTF-8’ version of the dump. 

Lastly, I tried to restore the new file and it failed with the error: pg_restore: [archiver] unrecognized file format '0'

I attempted this with PSQL versions 8.0.6 as well as 8.2.4, neither worked or could recognize the file after the conversion script was run.

At this point I’m stuck – I need to upgrade but cannot.  Any ideas?

My next plan is to manually change everything to UTF-8, but I'm no database wizard, so any help would be great.