Kevin Gill
  • Kevin Gill

    Kevin Gill - 2003-07-31

    If anyone out there is looking at a mechanism for fetching their email regularly, I suggest the Xron package. This package works like the using cron (batch scheduler), but integrates to Zope.

    I set up a Xron task which runs every minute and has the following DTML-method....

    <dtml-call expr="mailmanager.getMail(REQUEST)">

    • Kevin Gill

      Kevin Gill - 2003-07-31

      Further note, I had problems with Xron and Zope 2.7beta. I am running 2.6 for now.

    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2003-08-01

      I've never used Xron but sounds a good idea, particularly as it's cross platform. I expect most MailManager users will be on Windows and I'm aware the product is still a but Unix centred.

      Xron definately needs to be mentioned in the install documentation.

      Pity about it not working on 2.7 - that really does not be resolved. MailManager's performance is dramatically better on 2.7 under load.

    • Sean D. Upton

      Sean D. Upton - 2003-08-01

      MailManager looks like a very interesting product.  My company uses Exchange public folders for general inbound customer email accounts, and MailManager seems like a better solution for these types of problems.

      FYI, with ZEO, Zope can be scripted out-of-process really easily, and this may provide yet a third option instead of needing to use Xron or urllib.  Since Zope 2.7 will come with ZEO bundled, it might make sense to automate this way with plain-old cron jobs running on a box running a "lightweight Zope" instance ZEO client invoked, run, then torn down, all via script:




    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2003-08-03

      Let me know if you do decide to use MailManager - please hold off till version 1.0 though before you actually deploy it.

      Two of the design goals of MailManager are 1) to be easy to install and 2) to work as well on Windows as on Un*x. These goals are missed by the mail input system at the moment.

      I looked at the out-of-process but certainly on my box it took quite a while to start up even a fairly light weight Zope. I quite like the idea of an out-of-process constantly running, listening on a pipe or similar.

      I'm going to investigate taking a similar approach to Xron (definately starting a new thread) but have it properly integrated into MailManager's code.


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