Install Error: No module named date (Zope2.7)

David Kuo
  • David Kuo

    David Kuo - 2004-01-06

    Dear all,

    HI! I have encountered the "no module name date" as I am trying to install mail manager with latest Zope 2.7X in order to over come #bug 862221 &860961 (unboundedlocalerror) as suggested work around listed as one of the option.

    My environment is: win2000 SP1. I have noticed the Zope 2.7's file structurer is different too as a new Zope instance is created to store new sets of product and as well the starting bat file. I am not sure if the "email" module is still required and installed in the Zope\..\lib\python folder.

    If there is anyone who can let me know if the problem I am encountered as any relation with Zope 2.7.


    2004-01-06T15:53:00 ERROR(200) Zope Could not import Products.MailManager
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "C:\Program Files\Zope-2.7\lib\python\OFS\", line 534, in i
        product=__import__(pname, global_dict, global_dict, silly)
      File "c:\123\Products\MailManager\", line 10, in ?
        import MailManager
      File "c:\123\Products\MailManager\", line 36, in ?
        from calendar import monthrange
      File "C:\Program Files\Zope-2.7\bin\Lib\", line 8, in ?
        import datetime
    ImportError: No module named datetime

    • James Henderson

      James Henderson - 2004-01-06

      This is a serious bug in the Zope 2.7b3 release - see:

      We are pressing Zope Corp to fix it.

      However, I don't think using Zope 2.7 will fix the problem in your case anyway.  I only made that suggestion on the assumption that it was the Winodws 1252 character set causing problems, since Python 2.3 happens to have support for it.  Python 2.3 doesn't have support for many Asian character sets, though 3rd party codices are available.  I would recommend my option 3 from bug #862221, followed by option 1.

    • Andrew Veitch

      Andrew Veitch - 2004-01-06

      This is a copy of my email to the Zope developer's mail list:



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