Multi environment?

  • David Klein

    David Klein - 2005-07-12


    I don't have any Python or Zope knowledge, and don't want to dive into them since I like it to be simple.
    So I appreciate MailManager on Windows, so easy to install/use.

    But is it possible to use it easily in a multi-enterprise environment? At the moment I have :

    - http://myserver:8080/mail

    could it be that on the same machine I have

    - http://myserver:8080/company1
    - http://myserver:8080/company2
    each of them with their own logo?



    • Ron Goodwin

      Ron Goodwin - 2005-07-12


      In the Zope ZMI just add another Mailmanager site to the root and call it <companyx>. You can add multiple sites.  You can also have several email accounts on the one site - e.g. and

      Although I have not changed the logo, I would imagine that is also possible to set per site.



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