#79 Wrong date on delayed messages

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When email is delayed more than an hour, instead of
displaying the actual time it was sent we display the time it
was received.

There is also an argument that we should respect message
dates that are in the future, as a incorrectly set clock on the
MailManager server would result in corrupting messages'
date header until the clock was fixed.


  • James Henderson

    James Henderson - 2004-01-06

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    This analysis of the handling of the date header is not quite accurate. The
    current behaviour is:

    1. If the date header is well-formed then we always show the time the
    message was sent, adjusted to the local time zone.

    2. If the date header is absent or very ill-formed we show the time the
    message was received.

    3. If the timezone is missing but the date header is otherwise well-formed
    we assume it refers to the local timezone.

    4. If we have followed rule 3. and guessed that the missing timezone is the
    local one, and this has produced a time in the future or more than an hour
    in the past, we decide that we have no idea what timezone the message
    was sent from and display the time received instead.

    If people don't like rule 4. I would consider removing it. Bear in mind that
    the original date header is always accessible by choosing the full headers

  • James Henderson

    James Henderson - 2004-01-06
    • status: open --> closed

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