#455 newlist does not pass emailhost upon creation

Mailman 2.1


newlist does not pass emailhost to Create(), while that does support passing it, and actually uses it when passed too. In mlist.Create(), if emailhost==None, then it's
set to mm_cfg.DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST which was probably not the intention of the list creator.

Attached patch fixes this issue. Please apply it, thanks!



  • Mark Sapiro

    Mark Sapiro - 2007-12-04
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  • Mark Sapiro

    Mark Sapiro - 2007-12-04

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    It is true that newlist does not pass the email host name (actually host_name, not emailhost at this point in the code) to Create(), but immediately following a successful mlist.Create(), it does:

    # Assign domain-specific attributes
    mlist.host_name = host_name
    mlist.web_page_url = web_page_url

    To set the list's host_name attribute.

    The only thing Create() uses emailhost for is to append it to the listname to make 'listname@emailhost' in order to determine that this is a valid email address, but the intent of this is to validate the listname, not the emailhost. Create() does not set any list attribute from emailhost.

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