#395 Sitewide headers/footers & XHTML Compliant Web UI

Mailman 2.1
Web UI (73)

This patch was borne out of a request I received to
make the Mailman UI fit the look of the web site. This
patch allows you to set a site wide header and footer.
This allows you to pretty much make the MM UI look like
any other site. While I was at it I also made the web
UI XHTML compliant.

Once you patch your source and install it, all you need
to do is edit the html files in the templates/en
directory. Most of the pages will get the header and
footers from the site-header.html and site-footer.html
files, but some of the HTML files already contain theor
own header/footer so you will need ot edit some of
these files as well.

Since this also adds XHTML compliance, this superceeds
patch #116035


  • Bryan Carbonnell

    Logged In: YES

    I have only tested this with the english pages. I'm not sure
    how to deal with i18n yet, but I'm reading and I will update
    this patch as soon as I figure out how to deal with it.

    To apply this patch for MM2.1.7, you will need to apply
    patch #1405790 (Mailman 2.1.7 multiple patch) first.

    to apply this patch use this command from your mailman
    source directory:
    patch -p1 <full/path/to/headfoot-2.1.7-0.1.patch

  • Bryan Carbonnell

    Logged In: YES

    I am also uploading a second version of this patch. This
    second version will add the sitewide headers/footer to
    source that has been patched with the ht://dig integration

    At the time I posted this, the official ht://dig integration
    patches were not released, but the MM2.1.6 patches appear to
    work with MM 2.1.7, so they are what were used.

    to apply this patch use this command from your mailman
    source directory:
    patch -p1 <full/path/to/headfoot-htdig-2.1.7-0.1.patch

  • Bryan Carbonnell

    Logged In: YES

    Updated both patches to remove some of my site specific HTML

  • Bryan Carbonnell

    site wide header/footer patch

  • Bryan Carbonnell

    site wide header/footer patch with ht://dig patches installed

  • A.M. Kuchling

    A.M. Kuchling - 2007-05-04

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    The patch looks pretty good, though I'll suggest some refinements and some decisions need to be made.

    Net effects of the patch:

    Adds XHTML compliance.

    Adds site-header.html/site-footer.html to the templates/en directory
    and usage of CSS instead of <font> tags.

    Still uses tables for page layout.

    Adds CSS_FILE to mm_cfg.py.

    Requires addition of a /css/ directory to the web tree.

    Possible issues:

    Many I18N strings change, but only by folding HTML markup to lowercase.
    A bunch of search-and-replacing should be able to update all the
    language-specific templates.

    Need to decide upon class naming scheme; the scheme used isn't
    consistent (mm_web_adminitem_color in one case, mmErrorBackground
    in another).
    Could retarget it to use the <div id="mailman"> suggestion
    and '#mailman error' selectors.

    Possible bug: AddSpanStyle, AddDivStyle: won't generate <div>,<span>
    if no 'css_class' is provided. Presumably all current callers get this
    right; should the class work properly if there's an error, though?

    Compatibility issues:

    The patch removes the colour settings (WEB_HEADER_COLOR,
    WEB_ERROR_COLOR, WEB_ADMINITEM_COLOR, etc.) -- how to handle backward
    compatibility? That would require substituting into the .css file, or
    adding a 'style' attribute.

    WEB_HEADER_COLOR -- mmHeader

    WEB_ERROR_COLOR -- replaced by mmErrorBackground CSS class

    WEB_ADMINITEM_COLOR -- replaced by mmRight/mmLeft/mm_web_adminitem_color/

    Features not present that I thought of:

    * allow adding an embedded stylesheet

    * allow adding JavaScript links or text to the <head>

    * adding an onLoad to the body (perhaps not necessary -- can it be done in a <script> tag using DOM Events?)

  • A.M. Kuchling

    A.M. Kuchling - 2007-05-06

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    A branch for CSS work has been created, modernize_21_webui.

    I've committed most of this patch.

    The patch to the following files didn't apply: templates/en/roster.html templates/en/subscribe.html templates/en/listinfo.html templates/en/admindbdetails.html .

    There have been changes to the files since the patch was made, so they'll basically have to be re-done from scratch. Bryan, do you remember all the various changes you made, or should I try to disentangle the original and patched versions?


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